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Sustainability Week Walnut Creek (2022): An Evening On Climate Advocacy, Oct. 23


Date(s) – 10/23/2022
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Virtual Gathering

It’s Never Too Late To Become a Climate Activist: Overview of the Climate Crisis followed by a Panel of 4 local climate activists sharing what they do and how to get involved.

Get inspired, and first ideas on why and how you can become more active in climate action.

This event is twofold. In the first part we’ll explore the climate crisis, and potential global solutions. In the second part, we’ll unpack together with a panel because it is so important to be more active, and how to get started.

Speakers include Shoshana Wechs from Sunflower Alliance, Sara Lashanlo, Technology Advisory Committee member in the City of San Ramon, Ogie Strogatz from 350 Contra Costa Action, Wei-Tai Kwok from the Climate Reality Bay Area Chapter, and Fred Bialy from the Climate Reality Project, Squad Lead for Contra Costa. The program will be moderated by Nadine Hammer.

The event is free. Please register via this link to receive your login details.


  1. The frustrating thing about this and other issues is that they are always manipulated into political battlegrounds. If I were to ask legitimate questions about the whole approach, I would be branded a conservative nut. Back in the 1960s when Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring warnings about DDT came out, lots of activists turned their attention to the environment, but many in completely pointless ways such as litter collection. Litter was the danger and I question if much of the activity now is as pointless. I see no honest discussion anywhere about this state’s policy. In California we are supposed to go to only electric vehicles, but my back of the envelope math indicates if all cars in California were electric only, it would offset only a few hundredths of one percent of what China will produce in a year. The whole earth shares the atmosphere, so shouldn’t we be addressing it at that level? China is on a massive coal fired power plant building boom. I think instead of buying $70,000 Teslas here, why isn’t international coordination going on to stop Chinese carbon pollution? Are we really jumping through all these hoops over a few hundredths of one percent?

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