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Stuff And Things In The 24/680 Overnight


Left the News Bunker to get some air last night and that turned into a wee hours expedition as the cell phone started to heat up with tips and inquiries, law enforcement lightbars started to blip and blur and drones started flying like cicadas.

Some of the night’s events ended up on our pages, others were too fragmented to put a period on. The gist of the evening matched what we’ve experienced in recent weeks: people are falling through those cracks we’re always hearing about and dying, often alone and forgotten, in vans and cars and spare rooms when they can get them. Drugs, particularly the Zombie-inducing Fentanyl currently so plentiful, are cutting a wide swath through those who will do just about anything to get them.

Most people are aware that the bad guys who want our televisions, computers, cars and catalytic converters have crewed up and are cowboying through the neighborhoods, hellbent on taking what they want. A household on Mohawk Circle in San Ramon found that out last night when three to four masked guys in their late teens and early 20s came boiling out of the residence just as the owners returned home. The thieves carried off an undetermined amount of belongings and escaped in a car preliminarily described as a black Audi.

Cars of various descriptions – some piloted by folks powered by fuel unavailable at the local petrol station – began to launch and careen and contort, some landing on our pages after they were recorded by disbelieving passersby. Our roadways have been producing some unusual crashes lately.

One of those manifested at around 2 a.m. at Lawrence Way and Parkside Drive in Walnut Creek, near Retro Junkie, with a crash and police action as officers moved to take a person into custody. Drones went up, a police dog was summoned, a police line was established but we believe a person was taken into custody for various offenses we may hear about later.

Tired, looking forward to private time with some black-and-white film stars we eventually headed home as sirens continued wailing and our incoming emails began to trail off, having made it through another night in The Numbers.


  1. I would support labeling the cartels as terrorists. Following that begin drone attacks in Mexico where the cartel members live.

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