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Tell Us Concord: Why Are You So Happy?


Being generally suspicious types and believing that numbers can be made to do odd things we’ll say we’re dubious of those “Safest,” “Hippest,” “Grooviest” ranking stories that come around every so often, proclaiming certain places or people “best of breed.”

A site called HouseFresh.com – which as its name implies is committed to helping people attain the freshest possible air in their homes – has applied a rather elaborate algorithm to the pressing question of, wait for it, which city is the happiest in America?

HouseFresh took a number of factors and conditions, ran them through a magic machine, and concluded that our very own Concord, Calif. is the happiest city in the nation.

Seriously? Why, yes, says HouseFresh, sticking to its algorithms and a decision sure to inspire rejoicing at the Concord Chamber of Commerce mixer tonight.

Sure, Concord has some pretty chill folks and the Pavilion if you’re in the mood for music, and you can throw in their water park and some good eateries, but we’d like to hear Concordians tell us why they’re so happy. Are you?

For the record, Concord came in well ahead of that upstart city to the west San Francisco (15th on the list) not to mention Provo, Utah; Knoxville, Tennessee; Charleston, South Carolina; and Mesa, Arizona.

Party on, Concord.


  1. No one asked me if I was happy or not.

    I have a long list of concerns that the city has refused to address.

    Many of those concerns are voiced by numerous other residents.

    I don’t know who’s so happy, but I wish them well in their oblivion.

  2. Concord has changed, and not for the better. We haven’t lived there in years, but this was done on Microsoft face recognition. How many people were smiling on Instagram, etc. It wasn’t a survey on happiness. The ability to smile is more along the lines of being photogenic, or an extroverted personality. Concord had a “75 smile score.”

    I can’t help but notice several news organizations ran this story, but it wasn’t on Claycord.com – a Concord based site.

  3. Besting the most happy folks of Provo. Well done. I must say, however, that I’m a little skeptical of the conclusiveness of this happy citizens declaration. Have none of these surveyors of happiness visited the Twin Cities of Minnesota? I dare say not!

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