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Power Out In Downtown Lafayette Thursday


Power out to 2,000+ customers in downtown Lafayette Thursday.

The outage appears largely confined to the downtown area though callers are reporting they’ve lost power outside of the area shown on the PG&E map. Downtown businesses and street light have gone dark as a result.

Many of those impacted reported power was restored by 10:15 a.m.


  1. Do we ever figure out why there are all these outages recently? Kinda weird you don’t hear oh it was a blown transformer, or a problem with a line. Too many ev’s?

    • Popular question, YHHH, and if we’re feeling flippant (which is most of the time), we’d pin it on suicidal squirrels hurling themselves onto active power lines. Other towns (e.g. Martinez) are also posing the question as they have been hit by semi-regular outages. We’ve yet to come across a scientific reason for why they are happening – though several have been caused, as you might expect, by drivers colliding with power poles.

    • “Whoa… Terrier-headed revol…” (nudging intern to dial up 9-1-1). “Sure, David, yeah… we see it, too, bro…” (Tell the medics to step on it). “Answer the door, David, and stay outta the sun today, okay kid?”

    • Well, you can’t. First you have to get a car that is solely electric. Second, you have to install a charging station. You can’t plug an electric car in where your lamp goes. Greg T…When you have completed steps 1 and 2, please feel free to post your sarcasm ad infinitum again.

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