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Fourth Of July Weekend Events List

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Here is a list of July 4 weekend events around Contra Costa County along with many local events.

Meanwhile, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (Con Fire) and law enforcement agencies have warned residents about the extreme dangers of fireworks use in current critically high fire danger conditions and reminded of the county ordinance enacted last year, along with numerous city ordinances, that strengthen enforcement abilities, in a presentation in Concord today.

Fire and law enforcement leaders reminded residents and visitors that all fireworks, regardless of type or labeling, are illegal everywhere in the county. There are no “Safe & Sane” fireworks, regardless of labeling, they are all dangerous and uncontrollable. Additionally, the potential for serious injury posed by these illegal devices and the risk of causing catastrophic wildfires during this time of extremely high fire danger is great. 

Here is a rundown of the 4th of July events in Contra Costa County:


Saturday, July 2
Sunday, July 3
Monday, July 4


  1. I bought my rocket! But, which one is it, the gorgeous emerald starburst or a blue percussion shell that echoes off the surround-sound hills of my Moraga valley? God, I love it here! The evening fog threatens the show almost every year and yet hangs back a step, in obeisance and reverence.

    This 4th is interesting numerologically. The Declaration of Independence was signed 246 years ago by 56 white men, 41 of whom were the owners of property which were human beings, like themselves and not like themselves. 246 years. 246 is the same number of years that black African slaves were legally held as property by white European settlers in America before that was judged to be a mistake, by some people, those in power at the time, and became illegal going forward. The first African slaves arrived in Jamestown in1619. 246 years later, in 1865, they were free, at least according to the law.

    Enjoy the fireworks. Cherish your freedoms.

    If you are a woman, you might just want to enquire about that equal rights amendment at this time. It was never ratified.

  2. Well, Jeff, women definitely need to step up now, right now. I may not have the chromosomes for it, but I’m on their team!

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