Home NEWS Local Scene Power Out For 3,500 (approx.) In Clayton Monday

Power Out For 3,500 (approx.) In Clayton Monday


It’s dark for about 3,500 neighbors out in Clayton tonight and some of them are out driving around trying to figure out why! (Thanks for texting!)

Our resident Rorschacher makes the resultant PG&E outage map as an Iguana or Monitor Lizard chasing down a feisty Marmot – who is resisting from his den.

All you psychoanalysts out there are free to make what you will of that. Some of you will undoubtedly have better impressions – we’re still sore we missed the Grinch Bowing. That was a good one.


  1. Hmm, never found out what our outage was from. Seems like there have been a number of small ones without car accidents etc in past week~. I think PG&E owes us a little rate drop or some money back since they are using the wait until it fails maintenance plan.

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