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Water, Water Everywhere (On Monument) – And All Of It Down The Drain?


As Californians doing our level best to hang onto every drop of potable water allotted to us and taking far too much pride in those EBMUD “Water Saver” awards we’ll admit our hearts sank when we heard that Concord’s Monument Boulevard was awash in the precious liquid early Thursday morning.

City police and then public works officials turned out to survey the scene and figure out what to do about the thousands of gallons of perfectly good H20 suddenly sluicing through their streets, moving so swiftly it shifted cast iron manhole covers like dimes.

The problem, again, appeared to stem from a failed water main but with our drought dragging on and water reserves getting critical, you’d think we’d come up with a way to better hold onto the water we have.


  1. I hope the deluge has been halted…or will be halted soon.
    Props to 24/680 for the term “sluicing”….article made no mention of gold being found, only the ferrous-laden manhole covers.

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