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PG&E Donates $100,000 To Moraga Commons Enhancement Program


From the Moraga Community Foundation:

MORAGA, CA – PG&E has doubled its donation to the Moraga Community Foundation’s (MCF) Moraga Commons Enhancement Program. PG&E’s recent donation of $50,000 matches a previous donation in 2021, raising to $100,000 the total donation from the company.

“PG&E’s generous donations in 2022 and 2021 will ensure that the Moraga Commons is fully accessible to all visitors. MCF appreciates and is grateful to have PG&E’s support,” said Dave Trotter, MCF’s President and former Moraga Mayor.

Initiated in 2021, MCF’s Moraga Commons Enhancement capital campaign will fund accessibility improvements and amenities at the Commons and West Commons parks. The program’s major elements include:
• replacing aging restrooms to ensure ADA accessibility
• installing a new water bottle filling station and drinking fountain near the entrance to the Commons and the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail
• supporting the Town’s construction of ADA improvements to picnic areas near the All-Access Playground
• planting trees in the Commons and West Commons parks
• making irrigation improvements in the Commons and West Commons parks
• replacing the aging flagpole at the entrance to the Commons Park

With PG&E’s recent donation to the enhancement program, MCF has raised over $365,000, bringing the foundation close to its goal of $450,000 in total funds raised. Between this year and last, MCF has presented checks totaling $132,000 to the Town of Moraga to fund the new drinking fountain, flagpole, tree planting and irrigation improvements, all of which have already been installed or are in progress. Additionally, a large portion of these funds are a down payment towards the construction of new accessible restroom facilities, which are expected to be completed in 2023.

“PG&E is proud to serve all of our hometown communities. It’s at the heart of what we do and why we decided to support the Moraga Community Foundation and the Moraga Commons project. We look forward to seeing the progress along the way, as this will benefit Moraga for years to come,” said Aaron Johnson, PG&E’s Vice President of Bay Area Region.


  1. Given the recent embezzlement history at MCF, I would expect PG&E to be a little more careful with our money…Sigh.

  2. $50K here, $50K there, $50K left pocket, $50K right pocket…before you know it you’ve got some real money, like the $330K our friend Bob stole from MCF in 3 weeks. I mean, who’s gonna notice in 3 weeks? Oh, sorry, that’s wrong. The theft continued for 3+ YEARS. Well, that’s different, reports Emily Litella. Maybe someone should have asked Bob about that in year 1 or year 2 or year 3. Did PG&E ask for independent audit results, I wonder aloud.

    Well, poor Bob, had a bit of covid. Well, no, that may not be true either. He just reported positive test results to the court that he had covid. It turns out that is not the same thing as having covid. Just Bob being Bob.

  3. Our friend Bob was sentenced to 18 months in Lompoc in Nov 21. Of course, calendar months are not the same, so perhaps Bob is available right now for duty as Treasurer. No one else in leadership suffered any consequence from this fiasco as far as I know. It’s a small town…semi-rural. It’s my hometown. All of the children. All of the children are above average.

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