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Bonzo’s Looking For Something To Slow Him Down


Old School punk fans may recognize the titular reference for this week’s introductory screed and that’s cool, as an underlying affinity for music is but one of many things that brings News24/680 readers together.

Long-suffering readers will scrunch up their faces and mutter: “Oh, no, there he goes again… riding the musical wayback machine…” – praying for lyrics from this century they can Rise Above and sink their teeth into and that’s okay, I do it Because I Wanna.

We don’t like much of the new stuff (Clinically defined as Old Fogey Syndrome). Instead, we spent our weekend pogoing around the News Bunker in pegged black jeans, classic black Converse high tops and a crusty Black Flag tee with a suspicious bloodstain on the back.

We do this occasionally as many of you know, plugging into a new vein of music we come across by chance and mining the genre until we lay, twitching and exhausted, in a sweaty pile before Monday rolls around and we rise to meet another week, looking for Something To Believe In.

It’s going to be a big week, we think. State Primary, January 6 Committee Hearings, local crime stories percolating, our first week weaned from the Cable Company, and an incoming News Front lighting up the radar screens as our Merry Band straggles in and takes their positions.

We’re hoping for some indication of the direction our state and country will be taking, ever-hopeful and unwilling to say I’m Bored With the USA, holding out for small local victories that will make us shout California Über Alles! and pump our little fists in the air. We shall see, there’s stuff going on.


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