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It’s A Real Livewire – But No “Potato, Potato, Potato?”


Hog Riders we know – and by that we mean the lightly tatted moms and dads who bring out the leathers and boots for coastal runs when their kids’ soccer teams are out of town – have been talking lately about the next generation of Harley Davidson road machines.

And you can actually hear them with one of the new bikes idling nearby.

Our riding days are way over but we still remember the thrill of the open road and wondering what technology and higher gas prices would mean for the motorized two-wheeled enthusiast.

Well, here it is and these two gear jammers give it a thorough going over. Even though it lacks the trademark Harley rumble, the adapted chassis has a lot of Harley Look and Feel, even if the sticker price can be off-putting.

We’re interested in hearing what veteran bikers have to say about the industry’s latest offering, and if you’d ever want to take one out for a spin or consider putting one in the garage.


  1. I picked u p a used one so the price wasn’t to off mark. I charge it about once a week and have been getting over 100 miles from it. Nice riding past all those gas stations.

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