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Holi Celebration At City Center Bishop Ranch


Date(s) – 04/08/2022
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

City Center Bishop Ranch


The colorful, ancient spring festival of Holi will be celebrated at City Center Bishop Ranch this year! Get ready to get messy and have a lot of fun at this free gathering.

Along with the traditional tossing of colors, there will be plenty of free activities for the family to enjoy including henna tattoo artists, Bollywood dance performances, and live music.


  1. Yeah, messy. I see a Pollock emerging among the alveoli of more than a few participants. This commemorates ancient tradition, but so does human sacrifice. If you want color, bright color, how ’bout a 60’s light show instead? Throw in a 1970’s disco ball. Inhaling holi powders made of rice powder and corn starch or “unspecified” in an orgy of “collective fun” may not serve our best 21st century interests. Better yet, imagine a future disconnected from the misogyny, racism, and colonialism of our collective past. Why not celebrate something NEW? The past may be our collective identity, but it is so, so trite. It is NOT joyful.

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