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Dublin Thunder Runner Makes It To Concord Before Stolen Car Unravels


A suspected armed robber revved up a battered Toyota and led a procession of law enforcement northward from Dublin Wednesday before his getaway car gave up the ghost and crashed on Concord Boulevard in Concord.

The unnamed suspect was taken into custody by police, who also summoned a medical crew to treat the driver for unspecified injuries.

The pursuit, which at times exceeded 100mph as the driver fled north on I-680, kicked off around noon, soon after the car was reported stolen in Dublin Wednesday morning. It is believed police were alerted to the car as it sped through Alamo-Danville, Walnut Creek, and on into Concord – as many as eight police vehicles from various jurisdictions eventually joining in pursuit.

Witnesses said the car was missing its passenger side door and eventually a wheel after police took measures to stop it as it passed through Concord. It eventually crashed in the 3000 block of Concord Boulevard, its driver taken into custody there.


  1. High speed chase was unnecessary for a stolen car. I sat in my living room and saw at least 20 police cars yes going 80 or 90 mph down the street. They endangered too many innocent lives for a stolen car. Ridiculous! Thank God no innocent people were hurt .nina

        • And if we just select criminals go and speed away without consequence crime will go up 10 times what it is now! Already criminals have not much to lose. If police are not allowed to chase… Nothing to lose.

    • nina,

      Cops do not look forward to pursuits, more are injured in car accidents than gun fights. I was in a 60 mile pursuit, the guy had kidnapped a young woman and fired shots.


  2. You do the crime you way deserve to do the time and then some. Plus restitution for police time and damages to property. Thank you LE for all you do.

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