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We, Robot – San Ramon Valley Robotics Team Wins In Monterey Bay Competition

The Team: (Front Row Kneeling): Sage Ikeda (Junior), Ben Liebmann (Junior), Landon Mello (Senior), Linnea Roe (Freshman) (Second Row Standing): Ananth Venkatesh (Sophomore), Saim Hasan (Junior), Jacob Rickard (Senior), Spencer Level (Senior), Elliot Danko (Junior), Tim Paterson (Mentor) (Third Row Standing): Ziggy Gardiner (Junior), Addison Chen (Senior), Lucien Martin (Coach/Faculty Sponsor), Laird Wheeler (Junior), Kimo Gidwani (Sophomore)

The San Ramon Valley High School Robotics team this weekend emerged as a winner in the finals at the Monterey Bay Regional 2022 FIRST® Robotics Competition. With limited resources coming out of two years of hibernation due to the cancellation of in-person activities, the team, known as Team 1280, the “Ragin’ C-Biscuits,” put its scrappy ingenuity to work by building a robot with both autonomous and remote control cargo delivering capabilities in just a few short weeks.

The team joined an alliance with teams from Madera and Redwood City to face off against three competing teams in the final match, held on March 26 in Seaside. The three finalist team robots worked together on offense to score the most points by delivering more cargo, while holding the three competitor team robots at bay with a winning defensive strategy, in which the San Ramon Valley High School team played a crucial role.

Now the San Ramon Valley High School team is gearing up for a potential wild card slot at the national competition to be held April 20-23, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Potential sponsors and supporters are invited to contribute a tax-deductible donation to help with the team’s robot re-tooling as it preps for its next competition, as well as the unexpected travel expenses now that the team finds itself with a potential invitation to the out-of-state national championships on top of the upfront investments such as competition fees and robot parts that will be needed for the 2022-23 competition year.

Supporters may contact the club at sanramonvalleyrobotics@gmail.com or reach out to the San Ramon Valley High School Robotics team coach and faculty sponsor, Lucien Martin, English teacher at San Ramon Valley High School at lMartin@srvusd.net. Tax-deductible donations may also be made online directly HERE.


  1. Congratulations!!! This is awesome!!!

    As a side note, I am really disappointed the photographer didn’t work harder at getting multiple shots so everyone looks good-basic photography 101. These smarties deserve better.

    • We dunno… they all look pretty good to us. Plus, apparently, you have to have a cool name to join the Robotics Club.

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