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Letter: Lock Down Lunacy And Hysterical Hypocrisy



“Ending the lockdown would be letting Californians die”

With numerous flowery (and equally flimsy) comments about California being ‘the state of the future’ from Biden hasn’t your news nerves been irritated a little bit?

I’m sitting here in the den reading a book and periodically jumping on the internut to see what evil lurks beyond my sturdy fortress walls. I’m saddened by the death of the two folks who drowned this morning down in Danville/Blackhawk. I’m also saddened to think that those so inclined will dial into a super bowl being played in a state where the governor still holds the state hostage to his one man rule and Machiavellian state of emergency.

Used to be we could look up facts and believe what we read. Now the source is vilified if their truths don’t align with the fantasy narratives coming out of Sacramento or Washington D.C.
Very disappointing that there are no real voices in the media. Well except for what, Joe Rogan, whoever he is. I know he is no longer on Neil Young’s Christmas card list but otherwise, meh.


Paul L. Harford/ Benicia


    • Just reread the original post to see if I missed something. Although I don’t agree with everything he said, I’m unclear exactly what “name” he called someone?

  1. I think you’re right Paul! It’s very politically incorrect to say though.
    What disappoints me, and even scares me is that all the liberal ‘Free speech people’, now are in favor of censoring any viewpoint contrary to theirs. Dangerous for the country. We need dialogue. This is why we’re getting more and more polarized.
    Now we label people that protest as a threat to the democracy, yet 2 years ago with rioting looting and burning in the streets Nationwide that was labeled as free expression.
    It’s so unfortunate that the democrat party, that used to fully support free speech, freedom of living choices…. Now seems to be a dictatorship that you have to be in lockstep with. It is very disappointing too that the national , media will not investigate anything that doesn’t uphold the Democratic narrative. And conversely will do a news blackout on anything they don’t approve of.

    These are all the bad things that they warned us about in high school history and civics class 40 years ago.

  2. “Ending the lock-down would be letting Californians die.”

    If the Government, at all levels, really cared about the people they are supposed to serve lock-downs, would be the last thing they would have done instead of one of the first.

    What if hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were available to anyone who wanted them from the very beginning? Where would we be now?

    I believe that there would have been a lot fewer deaths and many more cures.

    A Government that cares about its people would have allowed such drugs to be available even if the benefits were minimal instead of life-saving.

    • “A Government that cares about its people would have allowed such drugs to be available even if the benefits were minimal instead of life-saving.” I believe those drugs WERE available, are available, by prescription for “off-label use”.

      And sodium hypochlorite and very bright lights are available at grocery and hardware stores. No questions asked.

      • david

        Ivermectin is available over the counter as a horse medicine.

        I would have hoped that the government would have been more responsive to alternatives to the vaccine.

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