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Shots Fired Following Concord Catalytic Converter Theft Thursday

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The ongoing scourge of catalytic converter thefts escalated sharply early Thursday when a carload of suspects reportedly opened fire on a pursuing victim in the area of Solano Way and Avon in Concord.

Initial reports are that a victim of a theft was following a silver sedan with as many as three suspects aboard when two shots were fired from the vehicle at the victim at approximately 3:40 a.m. As of this writing, no one was believed hit by the gunfire, though the following car was hit – police didn’t specify how many times.

Area police closed in on the area and were looking for a silver Infinity believed occupied by at least three “dark skinned individuals,” with Concord officers acquiring a vehicle answering that general description as it traveled on Willow Pass at speeds estimated at 90mph.

Walnut Creek and Lafayette police joined the chase as the suspect vehicle fled westward on Highway 24, officers eventually losing sight of the car as it neared the Caldecott Tunnel at high speed.


  1. K-Town be legit again!

    You’ve gotta be a grade-A moron to risk a 187 rap over some recycled metal.

    Also, how the muskers gonna lose a chase at 4 am? I get that sometimes circumstances militate aborting the chase in the interest of public safety, but ain’t nobody else on the road at 4 am!

    This just sounds like lazy LEOs. SMH…

    • I know you’re trying to sound cool and hip, but you actually are making everyone cringe.

      Just talk like a normal human.

      • @Jason – Thanks for the advice. I’m keenly aware that I haven’t been “cool” since at least the mid-90s. Just ask my wife.

  2. you should probably do a article on the citizens who chase response. understandable and a natural response but someone is going to get hurt.

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