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Lamorindans Lobby Hard, But Pleasant Hill Gets A New Los Panchos


Despite some hard lobbying and outright begging it appears Lafayette residents eager to bring a new Mexican food offering to town will remain hungry as owners of the venerable Los Panchos restaurants have announced they’re bringing their latest restaurant to Pleasant Hill.

The 200 block of Golf Club Road to be more precise.

Signage at the new location indicates they’ll be opening their doors “soon,” the owners admitting their original location in Pacheco has been looking a little tired and in need of a new direction. It looks like that direction is taking them to Pleasant Hill.

The Fernandez family opened their lynchpin location in 1991 and have done quite well, opening another location in Danville and, briefly, one in San Ramon. Recipes featuring the family’s popular mole sauce often keep patrons lined up out the door.

It’s not immediately known what will happen to the flagship Los Panchos once its latest iteration begins operation.


  1. Yes really good food and nice people but the Pacheco store was looking pretty sad. Glad to see them come out of the pandemic in good shape and will try the new location.

  2. We’re desperate for Mexican food in WC. First we lost La Fogada, then El Charro closed in Lafayette. Of course El Charro has opened in WC, but read the reviews for the food, don’t go!!!!! 108RS

    • Agree. The Lafayette El Charro was a cool little place with acceptable food and and a neighborhood vibe that hasn’t carried over to its new location yet. The big issue is the food. Pleasant Hill is a little further than I want to drive but Los Panchos is a known business with good food so I’ll be heading there I guess. Any other recommendations for good Mexican food. Friends talk about other places that are doing well too.

  3. The first time I went to LP’s was before they had expanded in that little strip mall on Pacheco ave…I was sold when I saw them bringing live chickens in through the front door. I have been going for the past 20 years and will continue, long live the Happy Burrito!

  4. Please don’t close the Pacheco site! I live in Crockett and Pleasant Hill is a little further away, I know definitely worth the drive though.!

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