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Second Freeway Shooting In Four Days – This One On SR4 In Bay Point


Details remain scarce but we can confirm that California Highway Patrol investigators were called out to eastbound SR4 between San Marcos and Bailey Road tonight after gunfire broke out – with one person hit and being treated for unspecified wounds.

Motorists reported traffic slowing to a crawl in the wake of the incident as officers searched for evidence related to the shooting, presumably cartridge casings.

The shooting was reported just before 7 p.m.

Investigators say they were informed of the shooting at around 6:45p.m., locating the victim stopped on the right shoulder of the freeway. The victim reported being shot at while traveling near Bailey Road. The victim was transported to the hospital to be treated for a suspected serious injury and is expected to recover, according to the CHP.

Readers are also actively inquiring about Thursday’s shooting on northbound I680 in Danville. No formal information has been released in connection with that incident beyond which was initially reported.


  1. Why isn’t the CHP on these select problem stretches of freeway constantly? HWY4 and HWY80 seem like they have the bulk of the shootings, and HWY4 ALWAYS has people with reckless behavior. Every single time I get on HWY4 (and I live in Pittsburg), I see people doing really stupid stuff. Why does the CHP have to way for “maximum enforcement periods” to be visible? Why isn’t every day a “maximum enforcement period?”

    • Hey, Tony… if we had to hazard a guess we’d say it was probably a person-power issue. Perhaps some lurking CHiPPies will fill us in.

    • CHP has limited resources, just like every other LEO agency. Crashes, DUI’s, debris, other arrests, take units off the road and they get long stretches of roadway to cover. 108RS

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