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Recidivist Home Depot “Customers” Arrested By San Ramon PD Officers Wednesday

Photo: SRPD

Two dedicated thieves, one wearing his ankle monitor for a previous weapons and stolen property charge, the second on felony probation for possession of stolen property – were arrested by San Ramon police investigators Wednesday.

Police announced news of the arrest via social media, saying the pair had returned to Home Depot and walked out into the parking lot where officers were waiting to take them into custody.

Investigators said the unidentified pair was suspected of stealing $3,000 in tools from a local Home Depot store and about $15,000 in tools from Home Depots across the Bay Area. Both are on supervised release for previous thefts, according to police.

Police identified the arrested thusly:
Suspect #1 (29-years-old) is on parole (and wearing an ankle monitor) for weapons and stolen property-related charges. Suspect #2 (30-year-old) is on felony probation for possession of stolen property.

A search of the suspects and their property revealed narcotics, USPS mailbox keys, stolen mail, stolen credit cards, and additional tools police believe were stolen in recent weeks.


  1. I am left to wornder if the person assigned to monitor the guy with the ankle bracelet had a moment when the locator thing said he was in another Home Depot. Something ain’t working folks.

    • Yes! “Criminal Justice” has definitely backfired for the world to see!
      Letting all the crooks out of jail has not helped us good citizens nor the individual. My question is how many times worse is it going to have to get before your bay area tolerant citizen realizes the bug failure and gets mad? Most people still have their heads in the sand under some theory of social justice being done.

  2. The revolving door of the justice system is failing us and the ankle jewelry they are handing out is clearly not an effective deterrent.

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