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Feeling Powerless In Lafayette? We Feel You…


UPDATE: 11:40 a.m.Our previously un-powered Flash Subscribers reporting that the electric grid is powering back up in Lafayette. Welcome back to the 21st Century…


Unfortunately, about 2,500 neighbors woke up without power this chilly morning, PG&E unsure what knocked you offline but hoping to have things repaired by noon.

Especially hard hit were people in Happy Valley and Village Center and our text alert system lit up with reports this morning.

“We’re running on Powerwalls and solar,” one Flasher wrote. “A handful of neighbors are on generators. Not sure if I believe the PG&E estimate but we’ll find out!”

We’ve started playing “Guess the Rorschach” with the PG&E outage maps, looking for some good in the darkness – and coming up with “Happy Elephant Leaps a Giant Boulder” this morning.



    • Or you could, y’know, just deal with it for a few hours. But how very Lafayette it is to fire up the 25 kW Generac and spew more carbon than a family in Antioch does in a whole year because you were a bit chilly.

  1. I think you are on to something with the “leaping” elephant…although I suspect a leaping elephant only exists in the imagination.

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