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Owner Of Lafayette’s Mangia Says Basta! Last Pizza Flipped Sept. 4

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The latest casualty of our long-suffering local restaurant scene is, apparently, Mangia Ristorante Pizzeria in Lafayette – which alerted patrons of its closure with a notice taped to its window.

Owner Chris Frumenti did not elaborate on his rationale for closing the popular after-game, post-theater pizzeria, declaring Saturday their last day and thanking his customers for their loyalty.

The announcement, or taped notice, came rather suddenly and there has been no discussion that we’re aware of for a possible successor or of Frumenti’s plans for the future.

We’ll take a moment to digest the news and keep an eye on developments at the La Fiesta Square location. Thoughts, Pizza People?


  1. A lunch staple. Love their chicken Pesto and onions / peppers sandwich. Expect more of this with Governor French Laundry.

  2. That’s really unfortunate. I have a lot of great memories eating with my kids at Magnia, and Mel’s of Walnut Creek. Sad to see both of these places go. Not James Beard restaurants, just good places to take your kids to eat and have a good time.

  3. As a food delivery driver I am not going to miss them. their service was terrible. it always very slow with a dismissive staff who was very disrespectful of the delivery drivers who were providing service to their customers. I always hated getting assignments from that restaurant.

  4. Robert, I always had the exact opposite experience. I ordered lunch for the office staff on several Fridays per month and the food was always ready when I arrived to pick up. Friendly people and great food. Three weeks ago I had them make a tray of raviolis in the bolognese sauce that we took to a potluck dinner in Atherton. Every person that attended the dinner wanted to know where they could get more. I usually get the beef tortellini in the bolognese. I’ll miss it. Chris, if you read this, best of luck to you and all…

  5. Sorry to learn of the closure. Good luck Chris. Let us know if you open up again elsewhere. I was stunned yesterday to see all the outdoor seating gone. Mangia was definitely worth the ride up from San Ramon.

  6. Big loss for Lafayette. Chris gave much back to the city. This story seems to have touched off a flood of rumores about possible replacements and relocation.

    • Hopefully after he catches his wind, he considers another venture. Tougher to weigh given California politics, regulations, and red tape.

      Given the overall business / Covid aftermath, maybe he can strike a more favorable lease agreement elsewhere.

  7. Running a restaurant was a tough line of business pre-pandemic. Impossible to survive in a county that forces vaccinated diners to wear masks, requires businesses to monitor the vaccination status of customers and employees, and effectively bans kids from the premises. Restaurants are failing throughout Contra Costa, we’ll soon have to go through the tunnel or traverse 680 to eat out.

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