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No Art And Wine Festival In Lafayette This Year – Event Canceled


Concerns over COVID-19 have driven Lafayette Art & Wine Festival organizers to cancel this years’ event – which was calendared for Sept. 18 and 19.

The festival, which would have celebrated its 25th year this year, has been slated for a return in 2022.


  1. We’ve abdicated our collective capacity for critical reasoning to the point that even the Lafayette chamber of commerce, which purports to represent the interests of the local business which comprise its membership, is hellbent on self-immolation.

    Though 98%+ of the county’s Covid deaths since December 15 have been among unvaccinated patients, and 100% of the county’s Covid deaths since May 1 have been nursing home patients, the chamber inexplicably canceled an OUTDOOR festival in a community that’s 90%+ vaccinated to allay fears about a virus that’s rarely (if ever) transmitted outdoors and kills close to zero vaccinated patients.

    I’m a big-D Democrat and detest Trump and his apologists. I’m not a “Covid denier” and am under no illusion that this pathogen was a hoax. At this point, however, the data are clear: we are cowering in our homes to hide from a phantom menace in this particular community.

    Data Source: Contra Costa Health Department data dashboards: https://www.coronavirus.cchealth.org/

  2. Bummer! I have no problems with taking precautions, but I don’t see a need to cancel outdoor events. If Lollapallooza didn’t cause major problems, why should this?

    • @David – Do you contend that the county health department’s Vaccine Dashboard misrepresents the city-level vaccination rates?

      I refer specifically to the linked table indicating that 90%+ of eligible Lafayette and Orinda residents are fully vaccinated. The county also reports that over 85% of Walnut Creek and Moraga residents are fully vaccinated.

      How is that “nonsense?”

      Please share any evidence you have to the contrary.

      Vaccine Dashboard: https://www.coronavirus.cchealth.org/overview

      • Look, I get your frustration, but we are in the middle, hopefully final half, of a significant surge of cases. Businesses were opening up. Why throw a covid party now? For what?
        – 90% of what? When Lafayette throws a block party featuring alcohol, it WANTS outsiders to attend and congregate. The attendees are not all vaccinated. Some are not even eligible to be vaccinated.
        -90% of what? That 90% includes partially vaccinated and ignores/excludes the unvaccinated who are not eligible for the vaccine. It overstates where we are.
        – Covid don’t care! It will happily infect the vaccinated as it spreads to more and more and more people. Eventually it will find someone who will die or suffer long-term health effects from the party, and for what? Wait 6 months. Let everyone be vaccinated who wants to be.

        • The county health department’s vaccine dashboard — and my prior comment — clearly explain that 90%+ of the eligible population (age 12+) has been vaccinated. Moreover, so-called “breakthrough cases” pose only negligible risk to even the most vulnerable vaccinated patients, even less to patients under age 12 and virtually none to young and middle age adults. Contra Costa County has had ~60 Covid fatalities since April, an annualized morality rate of approximately 180. To put that in perspective, the county recorded 183 influenza fatalities recorded in 2018. Influenza vaccines are far less effective, and influenza vaccination rates are generally much lower. Yet life went on for the other 1.5+ million residents.

          Concern for the health and safety of unvaccinated adults cannot forever be the dispositive determinant of social and commercial activity. Those who elect to eschew vaccination can choose to remain isolated or bear the risk of infection. Forcing vast swaths of commercial activity to remain shuttered to protect a few recalcitrant anti-vaxxers is akin to imposing a 25 mph speed limit on Highway 24 to protect seat belt resistant motorists.

          Why are we sacrificing the interests of the 90%+!who prudently accepted the inoculation to accommodate the minority who belligerently choose to refuse?

          • “sacrificing”…block party. It’s not your party, and not our decision. I read the group’s statement on a different local news source. It seemed quite sound to me. When covid strikes a community it affects ALL of us not just the ignorant or the obstinate.

  3. This is/was an awesome festival. The cancellation is a total overreaction. The Festival should have remained open.

  4. The cancellation is an overreaction. We all know who is responsible for these cowardly decisions. They live in fear.

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