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Another Friday Night – Everyone Make It?

A grizzled old scribbler sets pen to paper for Thanksgiving Day.

There’s been some talk about our antics now that there is a Great Emergence of sorts underway – masked or unmasked, jabbed or not. Folks are out and about and for reasons still unclear, many of us do not appear to be on our best behavior.

Being a Conduit to the People we hear a lot from those working in the service industries and glad as many of them are to be back on the job they’re wondering why people are yelling at them so much. If we had to describe it we’d call it a type of Rampant Karen-ism – with the “what’s your name? I’m calling the manager” or “police” or “corporate” hole card used interchangeably and by “Karens” of both sexes.

We’re not sure when this stamp your feet and make impossible demands of a woefully underpaid waitress or smartphone salesperson first cropped up or where it’s coming from but it’s officially a thing. Airline employees, car rental workers, and WalMart workers are relating tales of toe-to-toe standoffs with foaming, head-snaking, finger pointing folk in Lululemon stretch pants and American flag shirts demanding everything from warmer dinner rolls to more Kahlúa for their White Russian.

The origin of this New Age of Angst may be a question for the sociologists but it is not without consequences. With all this unreasoning anger we’re seeing more cases of people ready to go to war over the smallest thing, recently dying over an upturned middle finger or bar room slight.

At the same time as this upswell in anger we’re also seeing a resurgence of the virus we all wish would go away – COVID sweeping through the jails and altering ongoing court cases as defendants report symptoms and we’re left asking ourselves – will this thing ever end?

No wonder people are drinking again, with Mercedes’ and DUI drivers streaking across neighbors’ lawns and police left to sort out the damage.

We can and should be doing better and concentrating on really important things like securing our water sources or knocking back fossil fuel emissions instead of mojitos but, hey, we’re all too human and not always open to reason.


Editor’s Note: We continue to chronicle the tales of aproned service people on the front lines of the interface between workers and the Public Sector. If you have a tale to tell drop it in here in the Comments section or contact us via our Tip Line. Hang in there.


  1. Still here. Still grumpy.
    But I’m nice to the servers, and I remind family grumpies likewise. Being short-staffed is a lousy work scenario.

  2. You can definitely tell a lot about someone as to how they treat anyone who deals with the general public. Karen’s and Karl’s are annoying as hell, and wearing a mask if you’re fully vaccinated is sending the wrong message to the unvaccinated.

  3. “Finger pointing folk in Lululemon stretch pants and American flag shirts”?

    That’s very funnny.

    Who has the courage to wear an American flag shirt in public?

    That’s the red cap to the angry bull for a lot of folks.

    I don’t understand why some people are so angry.

    The Governemnet is solidly on the left, social programs are expanding daily, supportive programs are expanding.

    Everyone should be very happy.

  4. I couldn’t care less who is in office. If you base your life on that, you’ve lost control of your life, and you’re addicted to politics. 12 step programs are available.

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