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ScreenShots: “Herself”


Our pick this week takes us to Ireland (a lovely but often hard place, to be sure) and a rendezvous with single-mother Sandra (Clare Dunne) who’s trying to escape the clutches of an abusive partner (Ian Lloyd Anderson) with her two young girls – only to find herself trapped in an endless cycle of temporary accommodation and bureaucratic disinterest.

After months of struggle, she finds plans for a self-built home on land donated by a woman whose house she cleans (Harriet Walter), and enlists the aid of a weak-hearted but big-hearted builder (Conleth Hill), and an untrained squad of helpers. But, as past events rise to haunt her, money problems and her ex threaten the “let’s have a barn-building” spirit of the effort as things begin to unravel until the entire project is left in doubt.

Available for rental through Amazon Prime.

Why We Liked It: A plucky central character – backed by a supportive cast of like-minded locals – tilt at the windmills of prejudice and bureaucracy to carve out a life in a hardscrabble contemporary Ireland. Some Irish f-bombing and the brogue may be difficult to get through for some.

Quotable Quote: “We’ll let herself do the honors. It’s your home, you break ground.”

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