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Latest Coyote Bite Recorded In Lafayette – Linked To Animal Responsible For Previous Incidents

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The Lafayette police department is reporting yet another in a string of biting incidents involving a rogue coyote believed ranging in the Lamorinda area.

The latest incident occurred Feb. 19 across from the Quik Stop location in Lafayette, police said, reporting only that the victim in the incident was an adult male.

Video: Tom Guyette

DNA testing from the victim’s clothing was completed and returned today, Tuesday, as matching that of the animal responsible for the four previous incidents.

Officials stressed than an aggressive effort to trap the responsible animal is underway with game cameras and traps in place and in use on private property. Officials asked that the public not interfere with the trapping or filming equipment in any way.

Police and state wildlife officials said the effort to locate and stop the offending animal is now proceeding non-stop, and may not always be visible to the public at large.

Officials asked anyone seeing an animal in Lafayette to contact them at 925.284.5010. They remind citizens never to approach or feed a coyote, something that has been witnessed by officials in the past.


  1. I’m curious as to whether there was any communication at the time this latest bite happened. I don’t recall that there was. It seems like letting the public know 4 days later is not too helpful if you want assistance from the community.

  2. I hope the “aggressive” trapping efforts are being escalated wherein apprehension is imminent (..of it…not ours). Otherwise we may have to change the lyrics to that Warren Zevon song…

  3. Can’t help but notice the incidents – most of them – have occurred at stores or places where food might be present. Maybe this guy is cruising and expects to be fed and gets nippy when he is not. Extreme and very odd case for our little area.

  4. I phoned the number in the article this morning when I saw a coyote in the street in front of our house. The coyote left droppings which I offered to gather in a baggie for DNA testing. The LPD referred me to Fish & Game – a 707 number – where I left a voicemail. No call back yet, 12 hours later. Way to jump on those reporting.

  5. I liked the Facebook F*** who called you out for calling this animal a rogue. There are some real simpletons out there.

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