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ScreenShots: “Call My Agent”


As we said during our initial rollout of this offering, we don’t offer film reviews as a rule, believing them subjective. However, we do feel safe recommending works that catch our fancy from time to time in hope our readers will like them, too.

Although our latest suggestion is currently available on Netflix and swung our attention from Suffolk, England to Paris, we have to say we won’t be focusing solely on Netflix and foreign film offerings in the future.

Friends in the business have told us that earning a living as an agent is “the hardest 10 percent” they’ve ever earned and we know enough to believe them. Call My Agent, an episodic offering from French television, supports stories we’ve heard about the personality-driven industry, layering all the boardroom drama against a lush Parisian background while weaving in just enough film gossip to keep things rooted in reality.

The camera settles on a Paris talent firm, A.S.K, as an ensemble cast of smooth-scruffy-scheming agents sell their souls to keep their star clients happy and the business above water. Three agents, Mathias, Gabriel and Andréa, bound from one looming disaster to the next as their highly-strung, high-profile clients come to grips with the prospect of plastic surgery, past affairs, and learning to ride for a part in the latest Quentin Tarantino movie.

It’s all in good fun and gave us a chance to brush up on our lamentable French. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

The Elevator Pitch: Rapid-fire French dialogue; interesting/pretty people; fun/scruffy characters; Parisian architectural details and French scenery.

Quotable Quote: “… she’s the oldest agent in Paris. She represented the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.”


  1. Saw this when we were still living in France! It is fun and there are a lot of insider jokes and appearances.

  2. It’s a fun show with a lot of cameos by French and European actors Americans may not recognize. I think it’s about 5 years old.

  3. Loved how well defined and well played the agency characters are – including the assistants. Love Herve! Particularly enjoyable to see actual actors in each episode playing their own roles, often beyond satire.

  4. Theres a lot packed into this series. It’s REALLY French but I don’t think you have to be a die hard Francophile to enjoy it. American audiences might enjoy it. It helps if you have some knowlege of the industry because a lot of people are in this playing themselves. There are some great comedy moments.

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