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Danville PD Looking For Help ID’ing A Suspect


Danville PD could use a little help identifying this gent, who allegedly broke into a car at Sycamore Park and then went on a shopping spree.

We’ll let Chief Allan Shields bring you up to date and lay out a little evidence.

If you know this person, please contact Danville Police Department Investigations at (925) 314-3703.


  1. Don’t leave your credit cards in your car at a park. We’re they in a purse that was visible? Come on people, think.

  2. I had an empty bag lying in the back seat & they broke my back window hoping they’d find a computer in it. Empty bag remained in car but I could tell it was moved a bit.

    Hope they catch the thieves!!!!

    • Yes, they seem drawn by bags, purses and other things they can see inside the car. It has been paying off for them so far…

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