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News24/680 “Watchables” List: The Dig


We don’t offer film reviews as a rule, believing them subjective, but we do feel safe recommending works we like in hope our readers will like them, too.

The latest effort to catch our attention is a Netflix offering plumb-full of some top-notch English actors, Constable-worthy cinematography capturing a lush Suffolk countryside and some deep character studies of people on the cusp of an historic archaeological discovery.

And did we mention that all of this takes place as the Second World War looms in England?

So: history, archaeology, interesting people, crisp dialogue and a good story nicely told.

Quotable Quote: “Ah, Sherry. Should we drink it now or do you think there’ll be a toast?”


  1. A superb filem! It’s now on my list of favorites. Plus, I ended up reading all about the persons and artefacts in this movie.

  2. Really really good. We enjoyed it. Fiennes is really good but like you said there are so many great actors in there.

  3. Born to a large estate with ancient burial grounds and a mansion within which to ponder the nature of things. All while the widow bears the surname of Pretty. Yes, “Pretty”. Isn’t this the genesis of all of us. Isn’t this our story? I’m watching this right now, and I’m pretty sure I know where this goes.

  4. I must plead ignorance here, but I don’t recall a family named Pretty in any tale by Arthur Conan Doyle or William Shakespeare. Was that the actual name of this allegedly actual family of this docudrama? And, if so, why for the sake of credibility, didn’t they alter it? Because after all, this is a “docudrama”, and the actual names are not important. Who cares who OWNED the property? They contributed nothing but the OWNING. This lay unexplored for a long, long period. It does not in any way belong to the people who held title when it was finally excavated. Paris Hilton has as much claim to it.

  5. “Constable-worthy cinematography” = well done!

    Really excellent movie with a fine cast. Surprisingly faithful to the story. My relatives used to talk about the hoard at Sutton Hoo and we dreamt of finding one of our own as schoolboys growing up. My only regret is in not seeing more of the actual treasure, which is magnificent, in the movie. It had to be incredible pulling those things from the ground.

    • Yeah, describing the fantastic discovery of the Anglo Saxon coin and then not even giving us a Disney faux glimpse of such a possibility was, to say the least, deflating. There, I said it. Bad Conceptual Theatre. Trowels of mud.

  6. Excellent cast indeed! Mulligan, Fiennes, Chaplin. It’s a Hallmark, Disney World script. Give me David Attenborough!!!!

  7. “We all fail…..every day” reports our protagonist as Britain enters the war. Really? That’s not exactly Churchillian. Even furry British Chinchillians recoil in horror at the notion that “WE ALL FAIL EVERY DAY”. Is this Chinese counterprogramming?? Jesus! Who wrote this? One wonders what famed theatre critic Leonard Pince Garnel might have thought had he survived the disco purges of the nineties.

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