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More On That “Aerial Ballet” Thing We Mentioned Last Week


Editor’s Note: “What’d I See” is an, apparently, regular feature we’re running in an effort to further inform the readership about incidents they’re reporting in the course of a newsy week. As we know and, hopefully, readers will soon learn, not every story comes neatly tied up and complete at the time we first make mention of it.

This incident, reported November 7 on our Facebook page after we started getting multiple reports of “plane crashes” and “parachutes” over various locations in the 24/680, occurred over the south side of Mt. Diablo at about 12:47 p.m. We referred to the resulting aerial response as a “ballet” as pilots maneuvered to effect a rescue. The accompanying video was made by the Office of the Sheriff and the crew of STARR 3, who have been busy lately:

On Saturday, November 7, 2020 at about 12:47 PM, Deputy Sheriffs were dispatched to a report of two (Ed: hang) gliders that were involved in a mid-air collision on the south side of Mt. Diablo. One of pilots reportedly deployed a parachute. STARR 3 was requested to assist in the search for the pilots.

Other agencies involved included Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, San Ramon Valley Fire, East Bay Regional Park Police District and Mt. Diablo State Parks.

STARR 3 pilot J. Meyers deployed Sgt. M. Rodriguez on Tassajara Creek Trail where he found one of the pilots. Just south of the trail on the hillside, Sgt. Rodriguez contacted the other pilot, who was wrapped in a parachute.

As the victim could not be transported by vehicle because of his injury, he was packaged for a short haul to a waiting medical helicopter, which took him to the hospital.

The injured airman was treated for various injuries suffered in the collision and resulting fall, though deployment of the parachute mentioned by our readers and the chopper crew undoubtedly prevented more serious trauma. Editor.


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