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Headlands Brewing Headed For Lafayette

Design rendering provided by Headlands

Brewery hopes to open its doors on Mt Diablo Blvd in Spring 2021.

The folks at Headlands Brewing Company say they’ve signed a lease and begun the design and build phase for a new brewery, taproom and beer garden at 3420 Mt Diablo Blvd.

General Manager Alex Bru said the company has partnered with bar and restaurant designers Ben Frombgen of Bcooperative and Joel DiGiorgio of Farm League Restaurant Group to help design and define their Lafayette space.

“Our indoor and outdoor design plan for the new brewery will feature a taproom with a 20-tap floating draught tower, two outdoor patios with fire pits and family-friendly open landscaping,” DiGiorgio said in a company release.

Headlands has been canning and kegging a popular offering of ales and lagers locally since 2013. Headlands’ Lafayette location will feature small batch ales available exclusively at the brewery, as well as guest beers, local wines and ciders, and a “light, creative food program.”

Headlands is currently aiming for a Spring 2021 opening and they say they’re actively recruiting applicants for their new business.


  1. All things being equal, if parking remains free & easy on this end of Mt Diablo…expect they will draw business and succeed.

  2. Ornamental firepits are good, but why not replace 1 of them with a Hawaiian imu. Not much labor involved in the cooking, and who’s gonna say no to Kalua pig. Great for sliders.

  3. “a 20-tap floating draught tower”?. Now I have no idea what that is, but I think The Amazing Randi might have had something to say about that had he not died a week ago at age 92. Now, they might just get away with it. Floating eh! Is it anti-matter, magnets, or sleight of hand?

    • We think the same design/engineering team that built the Hughes Glomar Explorer is behind it! Sounds good, though!

  4. Great news, looks like an awesome addition!! There is SO much room for growth, development, and improvement on that section Mt. Diablo Blvd.

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