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Planned Power Shutdowns Anger, Confuse Residents

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A Red Flag Warning forecasting high winds and conditions prime for wildfire is expected to darken tens of thousands of households throughout the 24/680 and rest of the Bay Area from Sunday night through Wednesday morning.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company officials announced Friday they will be cutting power to tens of thousands of households in 38 counties across northern and central California including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma. San Francisco appears to have been spared.

Officials offered cautionary advice for residents who may find themselves in the dark. Customers who want to pinpoint if their home is among the residences expected to be blacked out may enter their address on the utility company’s outage map.


  1. On again – off again. Might be off – won’t be off. There’s a certain amount of sensitivity fatigue setting in, I hope it doesn’t come back to hurt us.

    • I would love to hear a persuasive argument that the state of California has managed its fire policies well or regulated PG&E effectively? 3,2,1…

  2. Fortunately, there is an episode of the Twilight Zone from 1960 that covers what to do in precisely this situation.

    Hey! How come your lights are still on and everyone else’s are out?

    The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, 1960

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