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Search Warrant Executed In Moraga Wednesday – Police Bring Lots Of Help


Some folks in a building on Miramonte Drive (just a wee bit close to dear old Miramonte High) got an early-morning wake up call from a police search/arrest warrant team just after 6 a.m. Wednesday – and police, neighbors say, came “heavy.”

That means there were special response-type folks and a helicopter and loudspeaker announcements and precious little time to react (which is the whole idea, you see) as police paid a visit to a certain address in the area.

We’ve asked the appropriate officials about the morning’s episode and will report anything substantive but we’ll say the address has come to our attention before (it is by no means the only one in the 24/680.)

Thanks to all of you with spilled coffee and Cheerios on your nightshirts who bothered to drop us a note on our Tip Line this morning.


  1. I live in Miramonte Gardens and didn’t hear a thing! It must have occurred during the few times in the night when I was deep asleep!

    • We take it you’re referencing the seismological shift we mentioned and yakked about this morning on our Facebook page (shakers have to be above 4.0 Magnitude to make the web site). Or was this something… else?

  2. I heard the loudspeaker and thought we were being evacuated—Just on the heels of the temblor. Saw the drones up above and everything!! Was loud!!!

    • Drones. Kinda like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report,” only without Tom! You wouldn’t have noted the time, would you, Catherine? We know it was fairly early morning… and after that 5:51 a.m. Berkeley shaker!

    • Apparently. We do have them. Just not those “Minority Report” scuttlers that come in under your door and scan your retinas… yet.

  3. This was a cc county sheriff operation and they did have drones. It began at 6am and the recording lasted at least 10-15 minutes on repeat. It was peaceful as far as I can tell, and officers were present for several hours.

    • That’s what we’ve gathered, Craig, though we believe the bracelets did go on for at least one person. As far as “recording,” are you talking about the drone footage?

      • The recorded voice on the loudspeaker was repeating over and over “this is a search warrant..please come out with your hands up…”

        • Thanks, Ami – that’s what everyone’s been saying. Still trying to get someone in law enforcement to comment on this incident.

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