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Health Advisory: Poor Air Quality Blankets Contra Costa County

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Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) is advising residents to remain indoors with doors and windows closed because of poor air quality caused by wildfires in the region.

People should avoid contact with the smoke and minimize any time spent outdoors, especially older adults, pregnant women, and people who have asthma, lung or heart disease.

Common symptoms of smoke exposure include coughing, scratchy throat, headaches and irritated eyes, nose and throat. Contact your healthcare provider if you are concerned about these symptoms. People with asthma should continue to follow their asthma plan, and those with chronic lung or heart disease should continue to take their medications regularly.

Symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain or chest tightness may require immediate medical attention. Call 911 if you experience these symptoms. For the most up-to-date air quality maps, visit airnow.gov. More health information about wildfire smoke is available at cchealth.org/wildfire-smoke.


  1. I’m guessing heat stress will kill a lot of pollinating insects, and we will soon be out there with little tiny paint brushes doing it ourselves. Or trying.

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