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Five Moragans Running For Three Town Council Seats


Moraga voters will elect three council members for service on the town’s five member council, with townspeople casting their ballots for their local picks on Nov. 3.

Incumbent Renata Sos was the only one of five serving council members to file for a possible return stint with the council. Other qualified candidates include:

Renata Sos (as of July 23, 2020)
Teresa Onoda (as of July 30, 2020)
David Stromberg (as of August 5, 2020)
Ursula Schilling (as of August 7, 2020)
Kendall Langan (as of August 13, 2020)

Council members serve as unpaid volunteers for terms of four years. Elections are held biannually in November of even numbered years, with the number of open seats being filled alternating between two and three. The Mayor’s position is filled by one of the members of the Town Council and is annually nominated and voted to that position by the council itself.


  1. Per the Mercury News Sep 6 2019:
    “MORAGA — The president of the Moraga Chamber of Commerce was ousted Friday amid accusations of being the mastermind of an embezzlement scheme involving more than $220,000 dating back to June 2016, according to the Moraga Community Foundation.”

    I have to say that “mastermind” is an interesting term here. This appears to be a simple fraud at MCF over multiple fiscal years. All the board and supervising executives needed to do was to supervise. Ask questions. Perform the prescribed audits, etc. But, apparently their friend Bob said everything was OK…

    That chamber of commerce president was Robert Fritzky who also was Treasurer at MCF. So who was CEO when Robert Fritzky was Treasurer in 2017 at Moraga Community Foundation, long after his embezzlement started? That would be Renata Sos. She was CEO. Renata Sos was also APPOINTED in 2018 to the council to take the seat left vacant by Fritzky’s wife, upon her sad death. (It’s a small town). I don’t know Renata Sos. Never met her. But, when such a simple fraud goes unnoticed by executive officers for several years, you have to ask yourself if these are the kinds of people (however well intentioned) you want managing the Town’s purse strings.

    • Fraudsters are pretty good at covering their tracks. Fraud is as old as motherhood and prostitution. It’s not going away anytime soon. Unless we do away with all greedy men, and a few women.

    • david, I’ve met her and your assumptions while undestandable are off base. She’s an intelligent, conscientious parent and active member of our community who I believe will represent our town with integrity.

      • Sooooo, no accountability. She was President of this enterprise while the embezzlement was occurring. It’s just bad luck then, I guess. The board, too. They meant well. Did we really expect them to oversee the enterprise?? Do we now? This theft occurred over multiple years in plain sight. The executive officers and board members failed. This is NOT all on Bob Fritzky, evil “mastermind”.

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