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Noralea Gipner Launches Re-Election Campaign For Martinez City Council

Noralea Gipner/Photo: The Candidate

From the Candidate:

MARTINEZ, CALIF., JULY 20, 2020 … Today (Monday), Noralea Gipner, a Martinez City Councilmember, small business owner and advocate for the homeless, announced her re-election campaign for Martinez City Council, District 3.

“Throughout my first term on the council, I’ve made it my number one
priority to be open, accessible and transparent to the people of Martinez,”
said Gipner. “Now, I hope to earn a second term so that I can continue the
work we have begun: addressing homelessness, supporting small businesses and building a stronger, more cohesive Martinez community.”

During her first term on the council, Gipner has channeled her experience
as a small business owner to support the city’s local economy. In 2017,
Martinez formed its first economic development department and has since
seen a significant growth in the number of restaurants and small
businesses. Noralea also helped the council execute a wave of park and
street repair projects, and helped increase council accessibility by
introducing office hours at the Martinez Farmers Market. She also
spearheaded multiple successful initiatives to strengthen city services and
recruit high caliber staff.

Councilmember Gipner has also made housing and homelessness her signature issue, hosting multiple packed town halls on homelessness in partnership with the Martinez Police Department and Contra Costa County. She also created a Homelessness Task Force that soon evolved into a local nonprofit that brings together local governments, nonprofits and faith groups to address the city’s housing and homelessness crisis. These efforts have helped provide stable services to more than 40 homeless residents, leading to a decline in 911 calls related to homelessness and mental illness.

Prior to serving on the council, Noralea spent a lifetime serving the Martinez community as a leader in various community groups including the Kiwanis Club, Martinez Senior Center, Martinez Historical Society, Friends of Alhambra Creek, Martinez CERT and the Martinez Early Childhood Center.

If elected to a second term, Councilmember Gipner intends to continue her
innovative work addressing homelessness and helping local small businesses navigate a post-COVID-19 economy. She also will lead the charge in promoting equity and equality, and rethinking the way the city responds to mental health calls and other emergencies.

“I look forward to continuing the work we began,” said Councilmember
Gipner. “If re-elected, I will keep pushing our City to aim higher and
fight harder.”

For more information about Noralea Gipner, visit her website.


  1. There’s nobility in public service. However, the servants have become authoritarians and agitators….it’s time to boot them the heck out.

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