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Martinez Paint Roller Pair Explain Their Rationale On Fox News


There was some selective editing and some omission of fact but a pair of Martinez residents spoke with Fox News and Tucker Carlson about why they decided to take a paint roller to a BLM street painting in their town July 4.

It was interesting to hear their rationale for the action firsthand.


  1. Holy crap, the VERY EXACT epitome of lies in Fox Lies, saying that everything that was painted over for BLM on Court St was illegal. Damn I didn’t know that a city sanctioned project was illegal! Holy Crap!!!

  2. Who is he talking about when he says WE need to stand up, take to the streets, WE’RE starting to lose ground here? That sounds very much like an open call to action — and by we I take it he isn’t talking about people of color.

    • He’s probably alluding to over 6 children being killed in a few weeks, shootings up 200% in New York, Atlanta, New York, Seattle a complete mess, and rioting, theft, and arson across over 100 cities.

      All in response to a multi-racial police unit (one officer is black) following the training of their black commanding officer, following their department training (knee on neck). A situation Anarchists and organized groups too advantage of.

  3. These faux heroes need to be recognized for their contribution to hate. They have stepped forward to be recognized for their contribution, and we should never let them forget it.

  4. If these two have a lawyer he or she probably said a really bad word when they saw this interview. It doesn’t get more out in the open than this. No wonder Bow Tie Boy is trying to line up legal representation for them.

  5. Can appreciate the motivation explained during the interview. Locals reacting to a National Political Group (BLM) leaving a brand on their town.
    A reaction to lack of Public input? What does Martinez residents say on the matter. Did the City Council and a Political Activist group blight a public street.

    • I live in Martinez. These 2 nitwits don’t speak for the people of this town. The street wasn’t “blighted.” In fact, the mural was sanctioned as a temporary art project.

      • It takes 40 days for the Martinez City Council to get permission to post “art work” on public property. The Council OK’d it in two days! That “art work” is VANDALISM! The couple should have used BLACK TAR to pain over the monstrosity. That is a PUBLIC thoroughfare for which WE taxpayers pay for.

  6. Fox News phased out their slogan “Fair and Balanced” for a reason…because even they are well aware that they are not. They’ve been false information pushers since their inception. Tucker Carlson epitomizes this with every fiber of his being. Anybody can easily fact check to find the facts about this mural in Martinez to see for yourselves, that: 1.The mural (not graffiti as Tucker wants it to be referred to) was permitted, therefore legal. 2.These two vandalized it, that’s illegal. 3.That Tucker Carlson is clearly an entertainer and time-waster for those seeking a real news source.

  7. How the hell would people be able to paint in front of City Hall without a permit. That’s what Fox News is built upon lies. I’m sure there are attorney cringed when he saw the interview.

    • This “BACK LIVES MATTER” was not painted in front of City Hall, but in front of a courthouse. Now, if these “artists” were serious, they would have used BLACK PAINT to create the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” mural.

    • U.S. Veterans will possibly step in to assist removal of these law breakers. We’re standing by for when called or not called upon. These radicals may enter the wrong neighborhood. Possibly they’re aware of that.

  8. It is acceptable and common for people to be both against racism, and against the BLM movement. Seems like a simple statement, but it is shocking how many cannot get past that simple sentence. Why? That’s the question. Seems to me there is a bit, no, a lot of political manipulation going on here. We have dealt with politics before. Why is this going so badly?

    My opinion is that BLM is the problem. They have very successfully wrapped themselves in a defense that if you are against BLM, then you are racist. And not just racist, but you need to be “outed,” possibly fired and punished by losing your source of income and maybe even physically assaulted. There is someone here already saying those two vandals with paint should be hounded for the rest of their lives. The remarkable aspect of this is how amazingly successful this BLM group has gotten that if you disagree with them in any public way, they have a large supply of foot soldiers who will subject you to retaliation. It like McCarthyism on steroids. In other news this weekend, in Chicago 63 were shot, 16 fatally, including a one year old. Now, get back you to your bucket of paint outrage.

    • “It is acceptable and common” for people to be racist depending upon whom they share company with. There was an insurrection against the United States in 1861. The United States won that bloody war. Why did monuments to the traitorous losers become so popular in the twentieth century? Jim Crow. This isn’t about honoring our history. This continues to be about in-your-face oppression, racist oppression.

      • Statues have little to do with what I said, except to show the power of how a group like BLM can mobilize nationally to physically attack statues that until a few months ago, few noticed. In contrast to your re-direction, again I am simply making it clear that BLM and the struggle against racism are not the same. BLM wants you to believe they are. They are not. BLM wants, actually demands, that you support them or be branded a racist. There have been people fighting racism long before this very political, jealous, and aggressive organization existed. Many believe they are wrong, their tactics are wrong, and their motives suspect. In other news on black lives, so far in Chicago this weekend, we are up to 23 shot, 5 fatally, including a 15 year old. Here in Martinez, CA, police are mobilizing for a large BLM protest sparked by a street sign, some paint, and some yelling.

        • Unsure why anyone in Lamorinda – or anywhere else for that matter – would preoccupy themselves with the motives of this group. The issues of racism in this country, and in other countries, police brutality etc extend beyond any concern I might have for this group or its actions. They are not the sole organizational power behind public anger over the murder of George Floyd and others. I know they have followers but I can’t see why we need concern ourselves with them and, of course, if they are guilty of any criminal action charges need to be brought and the appropriate people punished. Generally, I have a healthy distrust of governments, movements, political organizations and others that has served me well. I also know I’m opposed to the murder of a man by a law enforcement officer and that’s why I’ll be in the street Sunday.

          • I don’t think so. You are not opposing the murder of a man. If both cop and Floyd were white, the story would not have been in the news more than a few days, there would not be a road sign in Martinez, and no protest in Martinez. And about that, why did the cop kill Floyd? You have absolutely no idea. Neither do I. Both Floyd and the cop worked as security at the same place described as a Latin night club in the news. They clearly knew each other. So why is your first thought racism? That is a difference between you and me, and I believe it is the essence of racism to immediately put all information through a race filter. I believe we differ on that. Also, as far as that goes, this Floyd incident was in Minneapolis, not Dallas. The cop took a job in a place self-described on their website as mostly Hispanic. The cop reported to, worked for, and with and helped, and provided security for a mostly Hispanic client base. The white supremist story kind of has a problem with that information, doesn’t it. Today as you walk by the boarded-up stores and houses with some residents cowering inside, you might consider that many believe this BLM protest one of power and intimidation, not a gathering about racism. And they are not racist to be afraid of you and BLM.

          • If people don’t like the way they’re treated by police — quit committing crimes. and quit resisting arrest. Problem solved.

  9. Why is it that so many people only look on the surface. I guess it makes them feel good about themselves, that they agree that black lives do matter.

    I think most people believe that all lives matter, unless you’re a blatant racist. The fact is, BLM is a Marxist front and an arm of the Democratic party. The Contra Costa DA is pro-BLM, and her campaign was funded by George Soros (who is hell bent in destroying America from within).


    For a list of BLM and their partner groups (M4BL) demands, see the below link if you have the courage to seek the truth.


  10. The KKK once marched down Pennsylvania Avenue and maggots spit in the face of soldiers (drafted kids) returning from Vietnam. This (clearly racist) movement will dissolve as well. Till then, there will be skirmishes. And the silent majority…will live up to their name.

    • There were open klan ceremonies in Alameda and Contra Costa County into the mid 1920s. While you’re right about the very sad welcome given to returning service people during the 60s I’m not sure what bearing that has on the current condition — it was a wildly unpopular war and prolonged by corrupt politicians who ultimately paid the price for their egotistical ways. I’m not sure why there’s so much focus on one group during our current calamity, I am hoping the American people realize what they have done and clean up this mess too. We need to find our way again. We’ve lost it.

    • Yes, the rebirth of the Democrat KKK included a huge event called the “Klanbake” in New Jersey, opposite the DNC 1924 convention at Madison Square Garden. Check out Google Images.

      Our continued military involvement in the Middle East is another calamity. And its our outsider President who wants us out, not the career Rs and Ds.

      The arson, violence and mayhem is being fueled by Anarchists, deviant groups and professional Agitators. Not good. I hope we send some people to prison for a very long time.

    • “This (clearly racist) movement will dissolve as well.” It is unclear from the context whether you view the BLM muralists or the confederate paint rollers as the racists. Please clarify, if you will. I am unable follow your line of thought.

    • Most thoughtful people realize this. Unfortunately the country is not currently being controlled by thoughtful people.

  11. Looks like MotherTrucker Carlton lost his “head writer” today — for, wait for it, posting racist and sexist posts anonymously online!!! I don’t know what was more surprising — that a talking head manboy had someone writing for him or that the guy would turn out to be a racist tool!!!!

  12. You have to be pretty racist not to be satisfied making Frucker’s mouth move all day long and then go home and spew racist garbage in a forum devoted to freaks like you. This guy researched Trucker’s books and other “works.” Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture/?

  13. Yep. Guys name is Blake Neff. Check him out if you want to know where this racist, misogynist hate mongering is coming from and REMEMBER that until today he was writing for one of the most popular and widely watched television so called NEWS programs in the country. Think about it. Fox is a joke made for fools.

  14. @Rick. Yeah surrendering to police authority works fine unless the police or secret police are criminals or motivated by racial animus. Have you not read of this happening before?? Iran, anywhere behind the Iron Curtain, South Africa, the United States of America. Your argument for blind submission to authority is inherently un-American. We are Americans, not f’ing subjects to the British Crown, and no one is 3/5 of a man or woman any longer. We will not move backward! Your argument for the status quo is an argument for white privilege. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are our constitutional rights. Freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness will NOT be denied on the basis of privilege of station or race. You are on the losing side of this argument. You are on the losing side of history.

    • @david — I’m not white. I’m Hispanic. This is California. .Don’t tell ME about racism. I rise above it, and I’m not the far left. I’m also entitled to my opinion.

      • Clarence Thomas is not white. Ben Carson is not white. Omarosa is not white. I am white. You think that explains us. Do you think that I think that explains us? Ignorance and hatred know no bounds. Your express unquestioning obedience to existing authority is uninformed and un-American! And, your answer is: “I’m Hispanic”?? As though no person of color could ever harbor false or racist views on race relations in the United States. Try again.

  15. Possibly this could begin a movement of painting “WHITE LIVES MATTER” and
    “ALL LIVES MATTER” on our city streets. It’s not my practice but others may differ. I’m certainly not afraid of anyone but this BLM painting would not be successful in front of my residence without conflict. I’ve certainly never witnessed anything like this before.

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