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Danville Expanding Al Fresco Dining Options; Streets Closing

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During their June 25, 2020 Special Meeting, members of the Danville Town Council approved plans to expand downtown street closures to allow restaurants and other businesses greater access to customers while still maintaining necessary social distancing. 
Included in the motion approved at Thursday’s meeting were:

  1. Temporary street closure of parking spaces in front of Blueline Pizza, InContro, 11th Tiger on Hartz Avenue and Danville Brewing Company on Railroad Avenue to create “Parklet” outdoor dining. This is a 24-hour closure, seven days a week for three months.
  2. Closure of Hartz Avenue from Diablo Rd to Prospect Avenue and Hartz Avenue from Prospect Avenue to School Street, leaving Prospect Avenue open to through traffic from Friday to Sunday.
  3. During the weekend Hartz Avenue closure the drop-off zone in front of the Danville Senior Center, 115 E. Prospect Avenue, will be posted as a disabled parking zone, and temporary pick-up zones for retail/restaurant will be relocated outside the closure limits.

    The extended weekend closures will begin on the weekend of July 3, 2020 and last for 60 days.

    Council members also requested that additional signage be posted reminding residents of the necessity of wearing masks when visiting downtown business establishments, when outside a restaurant waiting on a table, or when outside and social distancing is not possible. 


  1. This would be pleasant under normal circumstances but I don’t think we’ve returned to normal yet. I realize others feel differently and wish them well. And I do feel badly that so many businesses are suffering during these times. I also feel badly about the number of people who have died from COVID. If you’re comfortable risking that do please go ahead.

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