Home Video “Whoo… Whoo… Who’s Driving That Dang Race Car?”

“Whoo… Whoo… Who’s Driving That Dang Race Car?”


Veteran News24/680 readers might recognize The Chew Family of Orinda as dedicated Wildlife Watchers, the family forwarding great videos and photos of local wildlife parading past their windows to share with similarly-minded folks, like us.

Today, we’re happy to say, it’s Owls – a particular favorite of ours, and apparently of the Chews.

We invite input from veteran owl fanciers but this looks like a parent and relatively youthful bird still hoping to be fed. (Don’t you hate it when they hang around the house after graduating from Flight School?) The Chews were walking their neighborhood when they spotted the pair, enthralled by the dulcet, daylight calling of the birds before the Formula One races on nearby Highway 24 overwhelmed the scene.

We’ll just say that we were lucky enough to have some silent, nocturnal moments with local wildlife while Sheltering in Place and it was great. Apparently, we’ve come roaring back.

Lucky enough to see critters in your neck of the 24/680? Good enough to catch them on video? Send ’em on in!

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