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New Listing: 1216 Fairlawn Ct #2, Walnut Creek, CA

Photo: Rachael Hand Real Estate

1216 Fairlawn Ct #2, Walnut Creek, CA

Drive through beautiful Rossmoor to the end of the court on Fairlawn and discover this corner of the neighborhood. The neighbors have joined together and put in a patio for everyone’s use with a smoker and a BBQ. Then walk to the corner Co-op unit and you will discover a Sonoma wrap and 10 year Toupin remodel with floor to ceiling windows. Tree tops will greet you as you relax on the patio. With a spacious 2 bedrooms and designer paint colors, you will feel right at home. Virtual Open house on 5/10 at 1:00 PM. Go to https://www.facebook.com/HandRealEstate at that time. Ask your questions and look around!

List Price: $420,000

Square Feet: 1054


  1. Real Estate models redefined in this new world of ours. Virtual Open homes on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. A new way to do business and see the homes you’re interested in to weed out those non-negotiables before walking in the door. No more wasting time. Are regular Open Homes a thing of the past? Only time will tell in the new Post Covid world. The rules are stringent on how to see homes now, so be sure to have a knowledgeable agent on you side. And, come see this on virtual open house Sunday @1:00PM. I have a tax deferral professional on my team to help you with downsizing, too! https://www.facebook.com/HandRealEstate/

    • Hi Bette, go to that Facebook link in the comment above at 1:00pm this Sunday and I will be doing a live video. You can ask questions, have me open and shut cupboards, look out the balcony, etc.

  2. What kind of tech are you using for the open houses? Are you using a cell phone or other camera equipment? It’s an interesting way to do business! Are people good with it?

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