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News24/680 Stuff You May Want To Know


Wise ancestors told us “If you get the same question over and over, it’s not the fault of the person asking, it’s the fault of the teacher.”

We took that to heart here at News24/680 and we take this moment in probably the most earth-shaking news cycle in modern history to better inform our many new or casual readers about how we operate.

Selfishly, we do this so we don’t have to keep answering the same questions as new readers join us and to provide you all with some insight into how best to navigate us.

The Basics: We’re a digital news site, small, locally owned and operated by a small cadre of scribblers and keyboard jockeys who like a good story and love telling you all about it – first.

You’re here, so you know about our Web Site and Home Page – News24/680.com – and that’s good because this is where everything starts and where you can use tools and interfaces we built just for you. Explore our Menu Bar – it will not bite. We don’t use popups and we don’t sell information. We’ve established strong and healthy online and offline relationships with our readers – which we keep close and cherish.

Our tag line pretty much wraps it up: Fast. Mobile. Friendly.

Readers often mistake our Facebook Page, which is easily accessible from our home page for those wishing to go there, as the “main” News24/680 Internet presence. While robust and, perhaps, “chattier” than our Main Page, our Facebook Page exists for readers looking for quick updates, observations, early word on breaking news incidents and, if they are so moved, a chat with us or their neighbors. We like that and will answer you if we can.

Our Twitter Feed, also accessible from our Main Page, has also been well received. We use it for quick news bursts and minor conversations as bound by the service’s space and character restrictions. Follow along there if you wish.

One of our most popular offerings has been The Flash, a service model gleefully borrowed from the days News Flashes heralded a major news event – and which we now send directly to your smart phone instead of your living room Philco. The Flash has proven immensely popular, sometimes annoying depending on the the hour of the news event, more often embraced for the information it conveys. We won’t overstate its importance, but it has steered “Flashers” clear of harm on several occasions. It is a pay-based service – $10 for 3 months of alerts, recurring – so read up before signing up.

Good. We feel better getting that off our “To Do” List. If you have any questions let us know.


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