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Music Man Runs Into Trouble With The Law – Twice – In The Same Day

Rocky Music

Flash subscribers may remember our account of an aggressive police search for a carjacking suspect in San Ramon Sunday, that search ultimately ending near Bishop Ranch One.

But, according to Alameda County Sheriff’s spokesman Ray Kelly, that incident capped a series of incidents vividly demonstrating what many have complained is a revolving door policy for local criminals brought to local jails.

Kelly says a man named Rocky Music was arrested by the Oakland Police Department in a stolen vehicle at about 7:50 a.m. Sunday and booked into Santa Rita Jail. But, because of the new court mandated zero bail (COVID-19) schedule, Kelly said Music was released about 12 hours later at 7:23 p.m.

A little more than half an hour after his release, Music made his way to the Dublin Bart Station, Kelly said, carjacking a victim there and taking their car into San Ramon. It was there, Kelly said, at a Valero gas station in San Ramon, that Music abandoned the first vehicle and attempted to carjack a second victim. That crime was interrupted by responding police units and Music fled on foot to the Iron Horse Trail, where police commenced a search for him.

San Ramon and Dublin police converged on the area and a Dublin police K9 unit apprehended Music, who was treated for K9 injuries and booked back into Santa Rita Jail.

“We believe he will not be released again due to the violent nature of his crime spree,” Kelly said in a prepared release.


  1. Can’t mistake the irony — law abiding people are locked up and the felons are free to roam. Something seriously wrong with this picture.

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