Home Video Lamorinda Kids Fighting Boredom And COVID From Home – In Song

Lamorinda Kids Fighting Boredom And COVID From Home – In Song


The Lim Family of Lamorinda turned their Shelter In Place Order into a Spring Break Assignment for 13-year-old daughter Mina and, well, she pretty much rocked it… producing this mini-musical parody of “Part of Your World.”

“Although this is all in FUN, the COVID-19 is DEFINITELY far from fun….so PLEASE STAY at HOME….you can Save a Life!!!!!” wrote Mina’s proud mom.

Now, don’t you wish you listened to mom and kept up with those singing lessons?


  1. Thirteen? Wow. There are some high school drama and music teachers rearranging their musical productions out there right now, I reckon. Nice work!!!!

    • So few of us around these days! Actually, we’re green with envy – we couldn’t carry a tune in a sack!

  2. going to have to find a better way to spend my day I suppose. nothing like having the bar set high for us! i always wanted to be able to sing like that!

  3. Nothing like having the bar set impossibly high for you early in the morning. Now can you spare a roll of that 24 pack tp???

  4. Who knew that TP would become the post-apocalyptic currency of the realm? Not I. I would have guessed rotisserie chicken. I have TP, got any RC?

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