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Sonic Insanity On Martino Road?


Dear Editor;
Can you suggest how Martino Road residents can save their sanity while sheltering in place in Lafayette?  Day after day on Martino Road there are tree trimming crews with non-stop chain saws and horribly loud log grinders starting work at 8:00 AM and working throughout the day.  The noise is intolerable and reverberates throughout all of the homes in this area.  Our home is unlivable and we evacuating for the day despite orders to shelter in place.  Does anyone know when this sonic home invasion will stop?

Richard Usinger/Lafayette


    • We call it the Reliez Valley Symphony, nearly every day. Weed whacker, tree trimmers, leaf blowers, barking dogs, delivery trucks, service people coming and going. Not exactly peaceful in the country

  1. If they work for you pay them. Keep them on the job. BUT if they refuse to use quieter equipment – fire them. If they’re contractors you may want to talk with the contracting agency.

  2. Turn up the music and dance!
    When the drought, winds and fire season hit you’ll thank them! Especially if we’re still under SIP.

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