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“What’d I See?” – Saturday, 4 P.M., Interstate 680, Pleasant Hill


No one thought to contact us on Saturday, when it was happening, but we did get a slightly chiding message today from a gent asking about a police action off Highway 680 in Walnut Creek Saturday.

It should be known that we try to cover everything of significance in the 24/680 but that, yes, sometimes things slip through and, no, the police do not call and tell us what they are up to or when they’re about to make an arrest.

In any case, it appears a black Ford Fusion tripped a license plate reader as it was heading west on SR4 about 3:30 p.m. Saturday and turned out to be a car taken earlier in a carjacking.

It was busy Saturday, but a California Highway Patrol air unit and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s helicopter managed to keep the Fusion in sight as it ventured briefly into Solano County and then returned to Contra Costa, heading south on I680 until ground units directed to the scene fell in behind it.

That’s when, witnesses said, the car fled from officers at speeds estimated at well over 100 mph until it may have been spike-stripped and came to rest at the Oak Park overpass, two occupants deserting the vehicle, jumping a freeway fence and fleeing into a neighborhood west of the freeway on foot.

One man, believed to be the driver, was located and arrested on Pleasant Valley Drive by Pleasant Hill police, witnesses said. It was not immediately known if a second person was located.

The name of the suspect, his age or hometown was not released by police. Details of the carjacking were also not released.


  1. Thank you, News24-680, for this update!
    We have to also thank the fine men & women of law enforcement who frequently have to get ‘down & dirty’ physically to catch the criminals. I understand that the officers, personally have to pay for their uniforms which are torn or soiled while jumping fences and tumbling in the dirt. I admire and respect them so much! It is not an easy job, when you work so hard, and risk your life, only to have the usual uber-liberal Bay Area judge turn the criminals back loose right away.

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