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Dispute Over Disabled Parking Spot Leads To Attempted Kidnapping Charge For San Ramon Man

Screencapture from store video, moments before the victim is spilled to the floor. Video: PHPD

From the Pleasant Hill Police Department:

On January 11, 2020, the Pleasant Hill Police Department responded to Target to investigate an assault. Upon arrival, officers contacted the victim, who was being treated by medical personnel for an injury sustained during the assault. The victim in this case is a member of our functional needs community and requires the use of a wheelchair. The victim confronted a motorist who was unlawfully parked in a parking stall reserved for people with mobility impairments. The victim then entered Target.

Near the customer service counter the victim was approached by the suspect in this case. This individual was later identified as Jimmie Tiger of San Ramon. Mr. Tiger demanded the victim go back out to the parking lot and apologize to his wife regarding the parking disagreement. The victim did not want to return to the parking lot and get in a further argument. Mr. Tiger attempted to forcibly wheel the victim out of the store against his will, and when the victim resisted, Mr. Tiger violently lifted the victim’s wheelchair from the side, throwing the victim down onto the floor. 

Thanks to witnesses, the victim was cared for until help arrived, and a partial license plate was obtained for a vehicle connected to Mr. Tiger. The subsequent investigation determined the correct and complete license plate, and allowed Pleasant Hill Detectives to identify Jimmie Tiger as the suspect in this case. 

After further investigation Pleasant Hill Detectives presented this case to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office. On January 17, 2020, charges of PC 664/207 – attempted kidnapping, PC 245(a)(4) – assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury and PC 12022.7(a) – special allegation, great bodily injury, were filed and an arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Tiger. On January 19, 2020, officers from the San Ramon Police Department assisted with this case and served the warrant on Mr. Tiger, taking him into custody. This case demonstrates the benefits we all experience when community members and law enforcement work together to find a quick resolution for cases such as this.


  1. Wow. Just, wow. Hard to believe we share the same chromosomal structure, let alone an area code, with this malevolent derelict.

    Not an “outsider” this time…

    • Not so shocking really. It’s who “we” are…collectively. At 65+ I have seen a lot. Didn’t witness Hitler’s rise to power, but I am witnessing something special now. History doesn’t repeat so much as it rhymes. I will likely be dead before it matters to me, but I want to believe in more. I want to believe in more.

      • Whoa… getting this very same sentiment from many others today, David. Must be something in the water. Turning up Green Day and caffeine-dialing old friends…

        • When the Fool speaks truth to the King it is unheeded. He is the Fool. When Cassandra shares her vision of catastrophe it is unheeded. She is Chicken Little. What is Greek Tragedy but human nature on a grand stage? We own it. We will live it. We have always survived it, but that doesn’t guarantee tomorrow, does it?! Does it?!

          • Certainly not an unchanged tomorrow. We live in interesting times and change is afoot. We’ll see how we handle it. Now, returning this thread to its original focus… if you want to talk world or local politics kick off the discussion with a letter to the editor! Always interested in what the locals have to say…

          • Yeah. Tell me this hate is just LOCAL. Just random. It’s a parking dispute. Not original focus. Sorry, my misunderstanding.

    • Exactly! I want to see what this horrible person looks like!
      Show us the booking photo! Publicly shame him 😡

  2. As ugly as this situation is, it was the victim who confronted the suspect first – for parking in a handicapped spot. Since the suspect was demanding the victim apologize to his wife, maybe the suspect has a disabled wife. Even if he doesn’t it was the victim who started it. A lesson in learning to keep quiet. There are consequences. This was preventable.

    • Seems like a bit of a stretch though we don’t know for sure what was said and how it was said. But the root of it seems to be the occupation of a space meant for the disabled by a — we are to assume — able bodied person. If the man’s wife was disabled presumably they would have a placard?? Am I wrong?? And no matter what was said — dumping a disabled man out of his wheelchair is pretty unforgivable.

    • Of course it’s preventable, but that’s no excuse. If somebody was outraged at your comments, as I”m sure many are, and decided to harm you, I’m sure somebody would tell you that you should have just minded your own business. Not that they’d be blaming you, but how would you feel about somebody making that comment? There are rules that civilized people live by. This “Tiger” dude does not follow them, and he doesn’t belong in civilized society.

      • You’re missing my point. Let it go. Avoid the debate, and move on. He found out the hard way that confronting someone isn’t worth it. That’s a civilized society…

        • Well the other buffoon also found himself even in deeper sh*t. He just committed felony and it’s going to cost him a lot!

        • Danielle….maybe it is the suspect who should have “let it go”. Now he has problems that aren’t going to be “let go”.

          • He decided to be self-appointed guardian of the parking lot, saying who could or couldn’t park in the handicapped spots. He should’ve called the police. He doesn’t own the property, and it’s not his call.

            The reason the suspect asked the victim to apologize was because the victim banged on his wife’s window, and it scared her. All he asked was an apology to his wife for scaring her, and he refused to do it.

            The average man might not be scared when a man knocks on her window, but a woman might be.

            They’re both at fault. One should’ve kept quiet, and the other should’ve kept his hands to himself. Fighting over a parking spot – it takes two to tango.

            Once again, it was the victim who started it. I was taught if you dish it out, be prepared to take it. And don’t start something you can’t finish.

            People fight over parking spots all the time, and it’s not worth it.

          • Also – if the victim insisted on confronting someone, he should’ve confronted the MAN – not the woman. Handle it man to man.

          • So, a man in a wheelchair below can strike quite an intimidating figure to a woman encased in a steel vehicle high above, next to her own rugged man. I’ve never seen it, but I guess it could happen. Women needing extra protection and all from alleged window banging…although you allege that you can dish it out and take it and finish it. Why don’t you exude that same confidence for your fellow, pardon the sexual contradiction, females?

            “The average man might not be scared when a man knocks on her window, but a woman might be.”

  3. As someone who has wrangled a wheelchair bound mom and been carer to a Parkinson’s patient, I have experienced great frustration with people who brazenly park with no tag or plate in a handicap spot and sashay into an establishment. It is not safe to confront scofflaws in the world we inhabit today, sadly, as manners and comportment seem to be out of favor all over the country today. Pretty sad state of affairs.

    • It’s common sense to mind your own business. If you feel someone is parking illegally, report it. If you’re going to confront someone man to man, there is no guarantee it won’t get out of hand. And it did. It’s not safe to do what he did. And you have no idea if someone is disabled. Disabilities aren’t always physical. Common sense isn’t victim blaming. It’s common sense. The suspect was arrested, and rightfully so. Once again – this was preventable.

      • The transgressors of all types would be very happy if everyone minded their own business and did not confront or challenge them. I would argue that someone with a vested interest in accessibility to public spaces might speak out in opposition to someone who might be blocking that access. I do agree that sharp words may have been exchanged but we are human and sometimes we speak without stopping to weigh the possible consequences. Thats just being a human being. If if were confined to a wheelchair I would probably feel and react the same way.

  4. Two sides to every story. It would be good to hear why this person thought it was justificable to do what he did. Judging from the charges filed the DA his actions egregious. Guess it will have to come out in court.

  5. @Danielle — it sounds like you were there or at least have some firsthand knowledge of the incident. Was the woman he startled in the driver’s seat at that time he banged on her window? Or are you saying husband and wife were sitting in their car in a disabled placard space when a disabled man objected and banged on the woman’s window instead of the mans? If it were me I would take up an issue about driving – or bad parking – with the driver.

    • I wasn’t there, but I saw a video (of the victim) where he described what happened. He was most upset that “people did nothing.” If a man confronted me (when my husband was with me) I would hope the man would take it up with my husband instead.

      I did read a story where two men got into it over a handicapped spot (in Florida) and the man who was confronted by the other man shot the man who confronted him. He wasn’t charged for killing the guy because of Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

      So a man was scared for his life being confronted by another man, and a woman shouldn’t be scared? Just because he’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean he can’t be threatening. Anyone can carry a weapon, and confronting a total stranger (man or woman) can be DEADLY.

      • “If a man confronted me (when my husband was with me) I would hope the man would take it up with my husband instead.”
        Your husband is presumably your friend and partner in life, but what about personal responsibility? You being responsible for your actions, and he being responsible for his? Where did that idea go?

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