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Mo’ Moraga Oddness – Lights Go Out For Some Thursday

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A quiet little slice of Moraga was going quietly bananas last night as another wave of oddness crashed over a sector of town like a wave over an unsuspecting beachcomber. Alarm bells starting ringing, literally, at 7 p.m. with alarm systems jangling at St. Mary’s and downtown” almost simultaneously – and we can argue about whether we have a “downtown” later. 

Our backup systems switched to Lithium when, seconds later, the lights flickered and died, with several residents calling to report their local power poles popping and exploding like candles on a septuagenarian’s birthday cake. MPD and MOFD – for you newbies – that’s the police and fire departments – were running to and fro trying to find splody poles along St. Mary’s Road and coming up short. 

PG&E promised a 10:30 p.m. repair time but beat that handily, offering no reason for the outage and leaving the locals scratching their heads – again.


  1. Fires, blackouts (some in local bars some in the neighborhoods), scammers, skimmers, sinky holes, slinky burglars, pot dealers, Canyon pluggers, Starbucks shooters — but hey, we’re getting a new restaurant!

  2. This is what thirty plus years of deferred maintenance looks like– and you haven’t seen anything yet. Virtually ALL of the studies done on the privatization of public power systems show the same pattern– higher prices, lowered service quality, and deferred maintenance leading to increasing levels of problems. But hey, Wall Street’s happy so you should be too!

  3. Don’t you think Mo’ is a bit culturally and perhaps racially insensitive for what are supposed to be well educated, mostly white, Lamorinda suburbanites?

    Where is your professionalism? This title is not cute. It is not good journalism. You need better editorial oversight.

    Since you enjoy the colloquial, your mama shoulda tought you better. Don’t you go gettin’ above your raisin’.

    • No. Short for “MoTown,” a name we’ve applied to this town since we moved here in 1968.

      And if you’re going to claim you’re street you should know better than to bring someone’s mother into it.

      Lastly, we like language and you will never make us afraid of it.

    • Spare us from self-important Social Justice Warriors and their ridiculous causes. We have bigger fish to fry. God I’m sick of this stuff.

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