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Letters: Communiqués From The Best Writers We Know… You!


Just wanted to reach out to the News24 team and say thanks for all the alerts and contact over the past year. You’ve saved us time and even some trouble with the Flash and we look forward to more of the same.

With hope for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year,

The Stadtlers/Concord

Editor: I wanted to take a moment to recognize the member of your staff who very calmly and deliberately maintained contact with my very scared wife (and kids) during a recent police incident near our home.

Your news alerts were informative and correctly captured the nature of the incident but she was even more grateful when she texted you for additional information and a calm person on the other end answered her quickly and in a reassuring way.

We don’t know who that person was but we wanted them to know we were grateful to them for going the extra mile.

With our sincere thanks, Bob and JoAnne Price/Concord

Editor: We just moved to Lafayette from Georgia and we were feeling out of the loop when we came across a merry group in the downtown park – singing.

Singing is always a good sign so we outsiders moved a little closer with my wife – the smart one of the team – googling your site to find out the gathering was a local happening and open to outsiders liked us. We moved in closer and caroled a carol or two and left feeling merry and better about our move.

We thank our new neighbors who accepted us so warmly on a cold night and we thank you for cluing us in to what was happening!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Anthony and Marie Bonifacio/Lafayette


  1. … and, yes, for all you Miss Manners-types poised to lecture us out there: we’ve already responded to these and others who wrote us recently…

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