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Another Drive-Thru Attempt At Rheem Center Wednesday


A driver faces a sizable body repair bill after crashing her Honda into a beauty store at 508 Center Street in Rheem Wednesday.

Photo: Anna Gravante Kenderski

Firefighters are still assessing the shaken motorist. Moragans with long memories may remember a similar incident at the center, which left a checker at the CVS store seriously injured after a vehicle crashed into the building in July of this year.


  1. Ouch. Hope she’s OK. You have to wonder what hurts most – that repair bill, the fact she may have to stop driving, or the fact that everyone in that lot took of photo of her crash.

  2. Drivers over a certain age should be tested for basic motor skills. It’s a bit scary a person can get a driver licence at 21 and never get tested again (maybe besides eyes after a few renewals)

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