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Changing Of The Clippers At Moraga Barbers – Venerable Local Business Vacates By December

Clark gets a new cut. The Moraga Barbershop is getting a new owner.

Stop the clocks. Bow your heads. Ask for your standard No. 2 clippers on the sides and keep it high on top – Moraga’s oldest barber shop is changing hands.

Elroy Motta and crew are quietly picking up favorite mementos from their nearly 20 years at the tonsorial parlor which first installed its red, white, and blue pole in 1965 – and giving way to the site’s latest owner. Elroy’s BB gun, the one over the cash register, is gone and there are other signs of imminent departure.

No definitive word on Elroy’s fabled chorizo sausage business – “Hair up front, chorizo out the back” which proved to be as much a draw as the business’s traditional buzz cuts, though his online presence indicates the business has been closed.

The new owner is expected to bring a new crew of cutters and stylists in by the end of the month. Word is he has a couple of local salons and that prices may be slightly higher than they are currently.

Although Bill, Nancy, Maria and the rest of Elroy’s crew had hoped to stay on, it doesn’t appear that will be happening, the outgoing stylists/cutters promising to stay in touch with the steadfast roster of loyal customers they’ve developed over the years.

Customers are slowly becoming aware of the impending change, remarking on the longevity of the little parlor, its choice of music and news channels, reading materials and model aircraft collection.

No definitive word on whether they’ll be staying or not, but we should find out soon enough. Until then, people are giving pause, remembering past conversations conducted over the hum of clippers, first cuts, memorable do’s, and whether or not the candy selection will change.

Everything changes with time, people say, but it can still be hard to take.


    • Agreed, Dave, we opted not to get all sappy with personal stories… but they were great to us over the years, as well. Thanks for the post.

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