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Lights Going Out For Some Lamorindans Again On Wednesday


Lamorinda’s two cities and a town have been notified yet again of an impending power shutoff – and we’re waiting to hear how the powerless feel about it.

Officials in Lamorinda was notified by PG&E that the utility will be throwing the switch on yet another Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) beginning on Wednesday morning.

The action is in response to weather conditions that are forecast in the East Bay between Wednesday 1:00 p.m. and Thursday 8:00 a.m.  If there are no changes to the weather forecast, PG&E will begin de-energizing power lines on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Once the weather event has passed, PG&E will inspect and re-energize the affected power lines. This will affect approximately 7,467 PG&E customers in Lafayette (18,584 in Lamorinda).

The utility has said it will notify customers subject to the shutoff by phone, email or text.

PG&E announced that it may have to cut power to 250,000 customers in parts of 19 counties in the East Bay, North Bay, Sierra Foothills and elsewhere around the state.

PG&E has released an “impact map” — with information about areas that could be affected by the upcoming outage — as well as an emergency address lookup tool, which PG&E has said is the best way to find out if an address is on the planned blackout list.



  1. I hope we lose power. My husband and I enjoy the “downtime” and it gives others the opportunity to have power that might need it more than us.

  2. I just bought the turkey! Fortunately we acquired a generator after the last “round” so the freezer and refrigerator will have priority.

  3. We have received notice from the Orinda PD but not from PGE — aren’t they supposed to notify us directly 48 hours ahead? (Yes, we have signed up for PGE notices.) I went to the website and there is a lovely chart showing how many customers in each area will lose power, but it doesn’t specify when; I only have that info from the OPD. Hate to bash PGE but their communication has not improved since the last shutoff.

  4. Sweet! I’ve always wanted to experience life in a 3rd World Country — now I don’t even have to buy a plane ticket to do it. Thank you PG&E!!!

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