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Who’s Doing The Shooting? Pleasant Hill PD Would Like To Know

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Reports of gunfire at the Residence Inn at 700 Ellingwood Way brought Pleasant Hill police on the run early Sunday, officers finding evidence of gunfire with several cars pocked by bullets and one apparently fired into an occupied room.

Police said the incident occurred at around 1 a.m. and that a sizable group of people were leaving the motel when they arrived.

Investigators said about fifty shell casings were found in the motel parking lot. No one was reported injured and the police are continuing their investigation into the incident.

Anyone with information about this morning’s events is asked to contact the Pleasant Hill Police Department at (925) 288-4600.


  1. Third world. It’s what you get in a country with long term downward social mobility, where about 80% of the jobs that are created are minimum wage “gig economy” jobs, and where college has grown so unaffordable that most kids graduate as indentured debt slaves (with 18th century debtor laws making a comeback– usury interest rates, “bankruptcy reform” etc.). This is the country that apparently a lot of Americans want to live in– a country of some rich and a WHOLE LOT of poor/near-poor, and with a now gutted and highly unstable middle class rapidly fragmenting into mostly near-poor. Not my opinion, just a basic reading of the last 45 years of US macro-economic data. But I digress, as it seems that many Americans no longer believe in science so reject things like this. Doesn’t matter, these trends will continue apace without major governmental reforms. So yes, you can expect a lot more petty crime. Think Mexico, Brazil, etc.

  2. The problem is simple. It is americas colleges that present the greatest threat. 75% liberal if not higher. They change the minds and distort the truth. They have god like syndrome and actually dislike America. They believe there much more qualified and deserve to paid for teaching the same subjects every year. They get funding for ridiculus things like a 17 year study on playtapus mating. Writing a book no one cares about. They convince our youth there the answer and there much smarter then everyone else. They NCAA has so much money and there antiquated model of how school is done is a finacial tragedy that only continues there agenda. Ask yourself how much money NCAA makes on there sports?
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    • While you make some interesting points about college affordability, and ripping off our kids, the rest of this stuff sounds an awful lot like Glen Beck conspiracy theory ranting– or maybe Michael Savage with a touch of Alex Jones tossed in for flavor. All nonsense and Fox News style hearsay. I prefer actual facts and actual evidence. Although Rachel Maddow has certainly proven that you can make a mountain of BS out of a modicum of either. BTW, you might try reading Mein Kaump, there are some interesting similarities between your rant and the ideas contained therein. Just a suggestion, and definitely not a liberal one!

      • Yes. Agree with Wheadley on this one. Graduating from college seventy thousand dollars in debt is a recipe for disaster with many of those bright eyed graduates NEVER able to dig themselves out of debt. And while I do see several problems ahead for us I’m not sure the schools are at the root of the problem. I believe we need to examine where our respective governments are taking us at the moment. A case can be made that we’re going to ignore many problems making themselves know right now and only working on them until they threaten to take us all.

        • Yes. And the biggest problem is not enough people seem to understand that what happens over th next ten years will set in motion a cascading array of positive feedback loops, accelerating the rate of change outpacing our ability to adapt. This is inconceivable to many, but not to history. BTW– student loan debt forgiveness, or whatever you want to call it, would give a serious boost to our actual economy. A boost to Main street instead of Wall Street for a change. A far better ROI for the country at large. Facing the future is where the smart money needs to be, not tying to write it off to fake news and conspiracy theorists, or trying to cash in on running interference for something you’re paid not to understand.

          • While your idea that economy would be better. Lets not forget the debt is not forgiven but rather paid from the tax payer which someday will be those very students. When you make something free there is no discipline for what you receive. Having students invest nothing for there future is continuing the enabling process. What about the students paying to learn a trade? Should this be free too? What about those who have already paid? Do we retroactive pay them back. When someone puts sweat equity into there future they are more determined to succeed. Society needs to stop telling people they need to go to college to succeed or gain invaluable intelligence. It miss leads and sets up for failure when the job is never availble or obsolete by the time they graduate. Brick and mortar schools need to go away as shopping malls are today. Lower tuition online college like never before dump old antiquated liberal over paid professors. And strealine college. COLLEGE has become a HUGE MONEY GRAB. The problem is college feeds the liberal agenda keeps unions happy keeps there outragous salaries. Problem is the Academic control over every aspect of goverment. Just look at the politcal landscape. Follow the money as they say.

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